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1) Are you looking for a balloon delivery or pickup?

2) Will the balloons be placed indoors or outdoors?

3) Do you have a delivery or pickup time preference?  Delivery address, date, and AM/PM?

4) Would you like balloons made into a bouquet with weight or delivered loose bundle?


5) Is there a theme to the party? (any characters, milestone, boy/girl, etc.)

6) Balloon colors desired?  Rainbow assorted, black/silver/gold, pink/purples, boy/girl, etc.

7)  Any special messaged desired on the attached greeting card if a balloon bouquet order?


1)  Where are you guys located?

We are a home-based business located on the Northside of Durango, close to North City Market, open to rare apts. only.

2) Do you guys deliver or offer pickups?

Yes!  We primarily offer balloon deliveries and on-site venue decorating/installs, however we can arrange balloon and party rental pickups/drop offs from our home based office.  Must book by appt.

Please call or email ahead of time before attempting to find us!

3) What balloons would you recommend?


If you don't know what to get, it may be best to start with a balloon bouquet order, which includes a set amount of balloons and includes delivery fees.  From here we can find out the theme and color of the party/birthday and put together something special.

4) How do I pay?

We accept cash, check, or CC# over the phone, which we won't charge the card until day of delivery or pickup.  For larger orders we may ask for a deposit or payment in advance for specialty orders.

5) Best way to reach you?

As we are a home based business and only open by appointment only, we first recommend emailing us either at or

You can also text us at 970.335.8020 if we miss your call!

6) Why did you start a balloon company?

Great question... still asking myself this one today, but mainly I was eager to start my own business and balloons were a unique niche that no one, of course, was doing here in Durango, Colorado.  I also worked for a large balloon and party rental business in Hawaii
where I grew up and picked up some fun tips and tricks.

7)  What services, other than balloons, do you offer?

We recently launched our new party rental division - mountain party rental, and all of the party rental equipment we have is listed on the website at  We inventory includes Tables, Chairs, Benches & Table Linens, tents, Durango Photo Booth / Backdrop and Prop Rental, heaters, coolers, Catering Equipment, mobile kegerator, beer dispensing equipment, centerpieces and more.

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