Great for Kids AND Adults - Birthdays, WEDDINGS & Special Events!

#1 Balloon Darts

Perhaps our most popular and fitting game rental- Balloon Darts is a classic carnival game that tests the aim and patience of each player.  Each player is given 3 darts to pop balloons.  Our custom, foldable balloon dart board stands over 6.5 Feet tall, roughly 4 feet wide and allows players to throw darts at 36 Balloon targets.  Our current rental package starts at $60 + tax which includes 6 throwing darts, a bag of 100 balloons

(3 sets of balloon targets), and the foldable board for transport. Estimate 2-3+ Hours of throwing darts per 100 balloons.  Additional bags of 5" balloons can be purchased for $10 each if needed.  

#2 Milk Bottle Throw

Another classic carnival game, 'Knock over the milk bottle' tests accuracy and arm strength to knock over the pyramid of 3 stacked milk bottles.  These aluminum bottles weigh over 1LB each and provide a fun and challenging throwing experience!  We rent this for $30+tax which includes the crate, 3 aluminum bottles, and 3 'soft' balls to throw.  We suggest finding a nice backdrop, wall, or piece of plywood to catch the thrown balls. 

#3 Soda Ring Toss

Our third and most challenging rental carnival game is the infamous 'Ring Toss'.   We provide a board, coca-cola bottles, plastic rings and give the players a opportunity to 'ring' the bottle.  A proper tape line must be drawn or put down to ensure a proper challenge.  We rent this for $30+tax as well, which includes everything you need to play, aside from any prizes.  

We suggest candy or kids toys/stuffed animals to provide to winners!

#4 Corn Hole

Great for outdoor yard games, we have a set of Corn Hole Boards with 8 Red and Blue Bean Bags!  Rent this for tournaments or casual play, perfect for birthdays, weddings or special events!  $30+tax, (includes 2 boards, 8 bean bags)

#5 Giant Jenga

Our Giant Jenga set features 54 hardwood blocks that are much bigger than the classic Jenga blocks, and can be stacked to three feet and higher! Enjoy the excitement and anticipation as each player carefully pulls out blocks and tries to build the stack higher until it comes tumbling down. $30+tax, (includes 54 blocks, wood storage box compartment for blocks).

In accordance with our liability and standards, we require all GAME rentals to sign our liability release waver form for each game. Game rentals are based on a 24-hour rental period and we require all game pieces to be returned in a clean and non-damaged condition.  Additional cleaning & damage fees may apply.  Rentals are based on a first come, first serve rental.  Please reserve games in advance for special event weekends!  A Game/Popcorn operator/laborer may be rented for special events for additional $40/hour.    

Please call or send any Questions/Inquiries to or 808.398.6255

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