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Helium Tank Rentals


As one of the largest Helium Gas suppliers in the Four Corners,

we pride ourselves on our competitive helium tank rentals and policies.

As with most gas supplier policies, we require a deposit on the tank AND helium regulator (if you don't have one already).   Tank deposit and regulator deposit subject to tank size and regulator type. 

Helium is a non-flammable, non-explosive 'inert' gas.  As it is a non-renewable resource from decaying rocks within the earth, helium shortages have hit and helium prices have skyrocketed.  It is the biggest expense for a single balloon, the gas, not the latex/ribbon/labor. 

Please give us a call or email at

to inquire about a helium tank rental for your next party!

*UPDATE*: Unfortunately, due to the nationwide helium shortage, we have temporarily stopped our helium tank rentals.  This shortage is nationwide and is effecting many small balloon and party companies across the country.  We still have helium at a very limited supply, please call ahead for any large balloon orders. - Bear 

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