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Durango Balloon Pricing

*Local Schools Discount: We love working with our local school districts, and for this, we offer 15% off all orders to our local school districts!  


Balloon Decor Pricing reflects the Decor Visual Guide on <---the left.  Prices are based on balloon decor displays and are subject to size and price changes. 

Arches: (perfect for entries, doorways, stage, over DJ's, backdrops)
Spiral Arch:     A1s; Single Door arch starts $150. 10FT wide.

                         A1d; Double Door arch starts $200. 15FT wide (32 Quads)

                         $15/foot helium.

Linking Arch:  A3s; Single door link starts $80. 10FT wide.

                         A3d; Double door link starts $140. 15FT wide.

                         $8/foot helium.

Pearl Arch:      A4s, Single Door starts $80. 10 FT wide.

                         A4d, Double Door starts $150.

                         $4/foot helium.

Bouquets: (perfect for tables, around the room, deliveries, etc!)

Staggered:      B1; 6FT, 5 latex per bouquet, starts $12.

                         B2; 2 Stars, 3 Latex, starts $16.
                         B3; 5 Stars, starts $20.

Stacked:          B4; 8FT, 11 latex, starts $25

                         B5; 6FT, 9 latex, starts $21

                                     B6; starts $20

Columns: (6' or 10' helium/air vertical garlands for doorway, stage sides,

                                         includes huge 3FT latex Ballon or Large Star/shape topper)

Columns:         C1, 6FT standard column w/topper $50, 10FT $75

                          C2, 6FT linking column $50, 10FT $75

                          C3, 6FT Curly column $50, 10FT $75

                          C4, 6FT Roman column $50, 10FT $75

Backdrops: (great for parties, graduations, photo station, selfies, etc.)

Backdrop:         C1, 6FT standard column w/topper $50, 10FT $75

                           C2, 6FT linking column $50, 10FT $75

                           C3, 6FT Curly column $50, 10FT $75

                           C4, 6FT Roman column $50, 10FT $75


Numbers & Letters: 
(great as toppers, stand alone, used in arches and pearl arches, birthday names, graduation year, etc)

26" Silver Numbers: $12 each

36" Gold Letters: $18 each


Specialty Toppers:         T1, 3FT Latex, $10 each

                                         T2, 3Ft skinny balloons twisted, $10 each

                                         T3, 19" star, $5, 34" Large Star, $10 each


Specialty Center Pieces:         B7 


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