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Balloon Arches
(entries, doorways, stage, over DJ's, backdrops, etc.)

<-------rainbow pearl arch: $80.00 - $150.00 ($4/foot)

spiral arch: $150.00 - $300.00 ($15/foot)

Arch Special* = 25FT Double Doorway Arch $200------>



Inflated Balloons
(for bouquets on tables or around the room, helium/air)

Standard Latex

5" $.60

5" Printed (Any Style)$1.00

9" Jewel tones $1.50

11" Standard Color $2.25

11" Jewel/Pearl tones $2.25

11" Printed (Any Style) $2.75

16" Jewel tones $4.50

16" Printed (Any Style) $5.50

16" GEO Blossom or GEO Donut $4.50

16" Balloon Under Glass (B.U.G.) $5.50

16" Twisty, Gumball or Glitter filled $7.50

36" Any color latex balloon (w/weight) $30.00

36" Printed (Any Style)$35.00


Uninflated Latex

9" latex standard color $.20 each

9" latex jewel/fashion colors $.25 each

9" latex pearl/metallic colors $.30 each


11" latex standard color $.25 each

11" latex jewel/fashion color $.30 each

11" latex pearl/metallic colors$.40 each

11" latex printed messages $.60 each


16" latex standard color $.60 each

16" latex jewel/fashion colors $.70 each

16" latex pearl/metallic colors $.90 each


260Q standard colors $.15 ea $12/bag

260Q jewel/fashion colors $.18 ea $15/bag



9" Mini Heart or Round Mylar $2.00

14" Special Shape (no stick) $3.00

18" Heart or Round Mylar $5.00

26" Special Shape $10.00

26" Cluster Mylars $12.00

36" Heart or Round Mylar $20.00

Personalization$.25/letter + cost of mylar balloon


Uninflated Mylars

18" mylars un-printed$2.50 each

18" mylars printed       $3.50 each

26" + printed mylars    $7.00 each

Balloon Drops
(air-filled balloons in drop bag to drop over dance floor

or  crowd on cue)any color:$1.00/balloon plus: $50.00

per rig ($50 deposit)


Character Towers
(4-5' tall air-filled vertical towers of latex balloons
topped off with your favorite character head,
body or shape, including numbers or letters)
towers color coordinated to match tops
$50.00 each


* Clusterballs *
(12 latex balloons all tightly tied together at the necks, forming a perfect geodesic looking sphere of color. The air filled version are perfect for attaching to the tops of tent poles or railings, where helium filled balloons don’t work in the wind. Helium filled, clusterballs act as great markers, as they can be floated way above your function for visibility)
5" air filled 12 balloon cluster balls: 
$15.00 each
11" air or helium filled 12 balloon cluster balls:
 $20.00 each
11" air or helium filled 6 balloon cluster balls:
 $15.00 each
17" air or helium filled 12 balloon cluster balls:
 $50.00 each 
17" air or helium filled 6 balloon cluster balls:
 $20.00 each 
(Helium filled clusterballs do not include ribbons)


(6' tall helium or air-filled vertical garlands to flank
doorway or stage with huge 36" latex balloon topper
or 26" mylar character topper)

any colors: $60.00 each


Exploding Balloon
(a 36" balloon filled with 100 small latex balloons

& confetti, explodes over dance floor on cue)
any color: $130.00 each

Floating Jumbo Balloons for Pool Effects
A 36" balloon filled with helium, attached to clear fishline and weighted down in your pool with foam covered brick, for a great "defying gravity" type of effect. Balloons float at varying heights above water, depending on wind conditions.

Standard 30-36" balloon any color on fishline and brick: $30.00 each
w/LED lights inside balloon : $40.00 each

 -includes remote control to turn on/off
and change colors

Does not include tear down fee. Deposit require on lights and bricks.


Megaloon Letters and Numbers
Huge 36" tall by 24" wide mylar letters and numbers.

Can be made into an arch (best) or stand alone with 2 ribbons

to 2 weights on ground for stand alone. 
Letters: Silver and Gold $20.00/each 
Numbers: Silver/gold/red/blue/black/pink/prismatic $20.00/each


Roof Effect
(loose helium-filled balloons on ceiling over dance floor)
on plain ribbon: $2.00 each
on foil ribbon: $2.15 each

Table-Top Centerpieces
(These Table Top Centerpieces can be made
with ANY 14" special shaped mylar balloon,
color coordinated with 8 matching 5" latex balloons
and lots of curling ribbon)
$10.00 each

Topiary Trees
(a clusterball of 12 air filled balloons attached to an
upright pole with base or decorative weight)
table size: $20.00 each
entry size: $35.00 each ($50 deposit)

(to hold balloon bouquets down)
basic: $1.50 each
with ribbons: $2.00
gold or silver foil: $2.50 each
tote bags: $5.00+ each

*Lighted decor
Add twinkle lights to any of these decorations
for only $10.00 extra each ($20 deposit)


We have 50FT, Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Strand

Lights available for rent! $30/day (24 hour period) per strand.

$45 per strand includes install and takedown services for 24hour rental.

  • Exterior Weatherproof Commercial String Lights

  • 50ft cord with 36 lights included

Any broken bulb subject to $5 dollar bulb replacement fee.

Discount on 6 or more strands rented (8 Max Limit). 

*Subject to Availability*




















Balloon Bouquet Packages
A, $35, 10 Latex Balloons, 1 18" Mylar
B, $45, 12 Latex Balloons, 2 18" Mylar
C, $55, 15 Latex Balloons, 3 18" Mylar
*May be extra charge for larger/specialty Mylar/Foil Balloons*
**Discount on orders of 99 or more latex balloons ordered**
All Bouquets come with basic weight, foil sparkle weight upgrade available for $2

Rockville RPG2X15 Package PA System Mixer/Amp+15"" Speakers+Stands+Wireless or Corded Mics+Bluetooth


Incredibly deep bass and clear sounding mids/highs.350 Watts RMS/700 Watts Program Power/1400 Watts Peak.... 8 Channel Powered Mixer with 1400 watt amplifier built in Built in Bluetooth connectivity.

24 hour daily rental - $100 (includes SETUP, steps to download free Karaoke phone app, bluetooth connectivity tutorial, delivery Fee outside of Durango City Limits.)

Additional $15 for 2 wireless mics, on top of the 2 corded mics that come with the rental.



Downtown Durango (within City Limits): FREE Delivery!

Bayfield, Hermosa, Mancos, Ignacio $25

Purgatory Ski Resort, Dalton Ranch, Glacier Club $30

Cortez, Farmington, Aztec, Bloomfield $50

All outside areas, please inquire within.

Minimum order for FREE Decor:

$20 decor fee on ALL orders less than $150 that require assembly/decor.  

Pick up fee for any and all decor pieces, confetti cannons or helium tanks is $25 plus fee area charge.  Otherwise $100 deposit which customer gets back when THEY return equipment.

Strikes* (Clean up) for a job after hours or equiptment is picked up after hours is subject to $25 fee plus area charge,  Strikes for large decor jobs typically $100, but will be custom bid at time of proposal.  Strike* = Taking Down Balloon Jobs and Cleaning.

Delivery Fees*

Carnival Game Rentals

Balloon Darts : $75

Object: Throw a dart, pop a balloon, win a prize (if any).  3 darts to throw, one at a time.

Operator: Hand participant 1 dart at a time, instruct how to throw/stand behind line, keep eye on players, pick up thrown darts after all darts thrown, provide prize (if any), replace popped balloons with new inflated balloons.

Participants: Throw one dart at a time, aim and attempt to pop a balloon, must stand behind designated tape/marked lines, please be courteous and cautious of other people and surroundings.  

Components: Dart board, 2 wood base plates and 2 metal poles, ‘balloon darts’ top sign, set of 6 darts with ceramic red mug, bag of 100 inflated balloons.


Soda Ring Toss $50
Object:  Ring a soda bottle with provided set of 6 throwing rings, win a prize (if any).

Operator:  Hand participant 6 rings at a time, stands to side of the game, keep an eye on participants, collect all tossed rings, reset bottles if needed, provide prize (if any).

Participants: Toss one ring at a time, aiming at tops of soda bottles, stand behind designated tape/marked lines, please be courteous and cautious of other people and surroundings.   

Components:  Wood board, 2 plastic food crates with 48 coke bottles, 1 dozen plastic rings (2 sets of each color), metal ring carrier, 2 metal bases/poles with netting.


Milk Jug Throw $50
Object: Knock all 3 milk bottles off of milk crate entirely.

Operator: Hand participant throwing softballs, stands to side of game, keep an eye on participants, collect 3 softballs, restack milk bottles if needed, provide prize (if any).

Participants: Throw one softball at a time, aiming at center of milk bottles, stand on designated tape/marked lines, please be courteous and cautious of other people and surroundings.   

Components:  2 metal base and stands, Durango Balloon Banner, 1 Milk Crate,

3 Aluminum Milk Bottles, 3 Throwing Softballs.


Renters/Operators must take all necessary safety precautions when operating and handling Durango Balloon Company LLC. carnival game activities.  Children under the age of 12 years old must be accompanied by adult supervision. Additional damage and fees may apply, if not all carnival game materials and pieces returned in proper working order.  ALL Darts, Rings, and Softballs must be returned, including ALL game materials/pieces rented.  Prices include delivery, setup, and pickup if located in Durango City Limits.

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